(Beginning with Chapter 16b)  

March_14th_2010        Matthew 16b  A New Focus

March_21st_2010       Matthew 17a  The Transfiguration

March_28th_2010       Matthew 17bGrowing, Living Faith(This audio begins to cut out toward the end due to a microphone problem.)

April_11th_2010          Tithing & Taxes

April_18th_2010          Matthew 18a

April_25th_2010          Discipline & Forgiveness  Matthew 18b

May 2nd 2010             Sorry this audio was lost

May_9th_2010            Put The Lord First      Matthew 19b

May_16th_2010          The Parable of the Laborers    Matthew 20:1-16

May_23rd_2010          Are Ye Able?     Matthew 20:17-28

June_6th_2010           The Triumphal Entry            Matthew 20:29-21:17

June_13th_2010         Jesus 'Engages' the Pharisees  Mathew 21:18-46

June_20th_2010         A Father's Day Message

June_27th_2010         The Parable of the Wedding Feast Matthew 22:1-14

 July_4th_2010  The Pharisees Attempt to Silence Jesus Matthew 22:15-46

July_11th_2010 The Woes to the Pharisees Part 1    Matthew 23:1-22

July_18th_2010  The Woes to the Pharisees Part 2 Matthew 23:23-39

July_25th_2010   Jesus Teaches about the End Times part 1 Matthew 24:1-14

August_1st_2010 Jesus Teaches about the End Times part 2  Matthew 24:15-51

August_8th_2010 Jesus' Parable Pertaining to the End Times  Matthew 25

August_15th_2010  The Plot Against Jesus  Matthew 26:1-29

September_5th_2010  In the Garden  Matthew 26:30-57

September_19th_2010 Matthew 27:1-26 Jesus Trial and Judas' End

September_26th_2010  Matthew 27:26-66  Jesus Crucifixion

October_3rd_2010     Matthew 28:1-11 & Various Scriptures The Resurrection

October_10th_2010    Jesus Final Days After the Resurrection (Conclusion to Matthew)