Genesis Series

       The first few messages were done using using several visuals during the message. For this reason the first 3 messages are posted along with a PowerPoint file. Due to time constraints and technical limitations we are unable to embed audio into the Power Point file. Unless otherwise noted one will have to advance the slides manually as the message progresses. You can play the audio in the background while watching the PowerPoint with the PowerPoint viewer available for free at This is way people can see the visuals and hear the message as well. For help or further explanation of how to do this please send an email to and we will try to help as best we can to get you started! Blessings!

October_24th_2010        In the Beginning Genesis 1:1  (-PowerPoint File- click to download)

October_31st_2010         In the Beginning Genesis 1 (part2)  (PowerPoint file

November_7th_2010       Astronomy and the Bible    (PowerPoint file)

November_14th_2010     Genesis 1 in Detail (An expository message) 

November_21st_2010     Genesis 2 The Creation of Man Further Detailed

November_28th_2010     Genesis 3  The Fall of Mankind

December_5th_2010       Genesis 4:1-15  An Acceptable Offering

December 12th-26th        Genesis 4b-5 Sorry but due to technical issues these messages were not recorded 

January_2nd_2011          Genesis 6  An Ark of Salvation

January_9th_2011           Genesis 7 The Flood Comes - Ark Discussion

January_16th_2011         Genesis 8 Noah's Steadfast Faith     

January_23rd_2011         Genesis 9:1-17 The Value of  Human Life

January_30th_2011         Genesis 9:18-29 The Sins of Noah and His Son

February_6th_2011          Genesis 10-11:9  Generations of Noah / Tower of Babel 

February_13th_2011        Genesis 11:10-12:5 Generations to Abram and His Calling

February_27th_2011        Genesis 12 Abram the Faithful and Unfaithful

March_6th_2011              Genesis 13 Abram Returns, Lot Leaves

March_13th_2011            Genesis 14 Abram Rescues His Nephew Lot

March_20th_2011            Genesis 15 God Reaffirms His Promise to Abram

April_3rd_2011                Genesis 16 Rushing God's Plan

April_10th_2011               Genesis 17 God Gives Abram a New Name 

May 1st_2011                   Genesis 18 Abrham the Servant & Intercessor 

May_8th_2011                  Genesis 19 Consequence of Sin

May_15th_2011                Genesis 20 Abraham Does it Again

May_29th_2011                Genesis 21 Some Unfinished Business

June 5th_2011                  Genesis 22 Abraham's Greatest Test 

June_12th_2011               Genesis 23-24 A Servant's Faith

June_26th_2011               Genesis 25 A New Generation

July 3rd_2011                    Genesis 26 Like Father Like Son

July 10th_2011                  Genesis 27 Rushing God's Will

July 17th_2011                  Genesis 28 Man on the Run

August_21st_2011            Genesis 30 Jacob's Family Grows

August_28th_2011            Genesis 31 Jacob Goes Home

September_4th_2011        Genesis 32 Jacob Wrestles with God

September_18th_2011      Genesis 33 Jacob's Lack of Faith

September_25th_2011      Genesis 34 Treachery & Deceit in the Land

October_2nd_2011            Genesis 35 Israel Back in the Promised Land

October_9th_2011             Genesis 37 A Legacy of Division

October_30th_2011           Genesis 38 The Sins of the Family

October_16th_2011           Genesis 39 Character of a Godly Youn Man

October_23rd 2011            Genesis 40-41 Joseph's Rise to Power

November 12th 2011             Genesis 42  Brothers Reunited Part 1

November_20th_2011        Genesis 43-45a Brothers Reunited Part 2

November_27th_2011        Genesis 45-46:30 Israel Moves to Egypt

December_4th_2011          Genesis 46:31-47:26 Israel Settles in the Land

December_11_2011           Genesis 47:27-49:33 Jacob's Last Days 

December_18th_2011        Genesis 50 Israel Mourned; Joseph's Last Days